Go round in circles 原地兜圈子,毫无进展


The script of this programme 本节目台词

Rob: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English with me, Rob…

Feifei: 还有我冯菲菲。Thanks for offering to drive me to the airport Rob.

Rob: No problem. It takes forever on the bus, so I thought I would save you some time.

Feifei: Thanks, but do you actually know the way to the airport?

Rob: Yes of course, why are you asking?

Feifei: It's just that we seem to be going round and round this roundabout. Rob 好像不知道去机场的路怎么走,我们在这个转盘已经转了老半天了。Rob, shouldn't you take that turning there?

Rob: No! That's where we just came from. Maybe it's this one… no, that can't be it.

Feifei: Rob! 我们这不是在原地兜圈子吗 – we are going round in circles!

Rob: Hmmm…

a carousel

Going round in circles on a carousel isn't so bad!

Feifei: We aren't getting anywhere! Come on Rob, I'm going to miss my flight.

Rob: Well done Feifei, you've just explained today's phrase – 'go round in circles' – although it's nothing to do with driving. If you do something for a long time without achieving any results and you always come back to the same problem, then you can describe the situation as 'going round in circles'.

Feifei: OK, 短语 go round in circles 的意思是花了很长时间去做一件事情,但仍是毫无进展,在原地兜圈子。Rob, it means you don't make any progress, right?

Rob: Yes that's right. Let's hear some examples while I decide which turning to take:

  • The politicians talked for hours but they couldn't come to an agreement; they were just going round in circles.
  • I've been going round in circles trying to find the right person to talk to about getting a refund on my ticket but with no success. I give up!
  • Because we didn't have the data from the survey, we went round in circles discussing the same old problems.

Feifei: 那么 going round in circles 的意思也就是 not going anywhere, 没有任何进展 – and Rob, we are not getting anywhere today – and I need to get to the airport.

Rob: Ok, don't panic. It's definitely…err… this way.

Feifei: Careful!

Rob: Now you see, we're not going round in circles. We're going in the right direction… we're on the right road… we're making progress.

Feifei: 是的,我们终于找到了路,所以没有再继续原地打转了。

Rob: Oh no… hold on…

Feifei: What is it Rob?

Rob: Another roundabout! Which way now?

Feifei:你听我的吧,要想不 go round in circles, 最好还是坐公车!

Rob: Sorry Feifei. There's another flight tomorrow.

Both: Bye.

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